Do you believe in luck? 🍀

When it comes to capturing the perfect photo, do you believe in luck?

Is a photographer just “lucky” when that golden hour sunset hits perfectly or when those gorgeous storm clouds roll in without any rain? Some believe that with a few clicks of a mouse and a good photo editing software, we can make that happen. And while that is true, there is something so much more special about capturing a real magical non-photoshopped moment.

I have been professionally photographing newborns, families, and expecting mothers for a decade now and if there is one thing that I have to come to realize is that the weatherman is not always right! You have to be prepared for every weather change imaginable, especially in Florida.

Other than cooperation from the weather and small children – which is already asking for a lot there – you also need to make sure your camera settings are correct or be able to quickly adjust them as needed. When you are working for kids, especially the quick, super fidgety kind, you have to be able to adjust fast.

Whether you are a decade into your career like me or a total newbie, we never stop learning. Learning new tricks, new settings, new programs…and that is just another reason why I love my job!

alexander wang KjyrxSHwqTg unsplash

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