How to Prepare for Holiday Minis with the Family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Until it’s time for family Holiday Minis and little Jimmy spilled grape juice on his white button-up and it’s little Susie’s nap time. Getting the whole family together for a nice family picture is only step 1 to capturing the perfect moment. The real key is choosing an experienced photographer that can take even the most challenging of sessions and give you a magical picture. 

I have learned quite a few tricks over the past decade when it comes to shooting family Holiday photos and I am sharing my top 5 with you today!


My Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Family Christmas Photo


Pick a prime time – Early mornings are usually best for kids! 

Choose dark clothes – Dark reds and greens work best! Avoid clothing with lines or patterns. 

Come after a meal – For the love of Pete, feed those babies and your spouse before coming to the shoot. Trying to capture the joy of Christmas with a hangry toddler never goes well!

Rewards are good – A little bribe never hurt anyone! Sometimes when kids know there is a reward at the end makes the session go a little smoother!

Make it fun – Remember we are trying to capture the silliness, the adorableness, and the essence of YOUR family, not the Jones’. Relax, laugh, and most importantly don’t be too serious!

At the end of the shoot, you may feel a little overwhelmed or exhausted because 30 minutes can go by really fast, but trust me, we got you! Your best photo is our intention! 

Happy Holidays!

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