Why You Should Do Newborn Photos

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Becoming a mom, whether it’s for the first time or for the 3rd time, feels exactly the same. So many emotions, so many diapers, and soooo many missed hours of sleep. If there is one thing you definitely should not miss out on it is those precious newborn photos. 

And I’m not just sayin’ that because it’s what I do for a living either!

The first few weeks go by so fast and you are so exhausted. I know we don’t mean to forget but soon, the image of their squishy, wrinkly baby feet fade. The way their hands and arms naturally fold disappears. 

Getting newborn photos done makes those memories last a lifetime. 

Share the Cuteness

Another reason to get newborn photos done is to share the cuteness with the family. In the beginning, everyone wants to see the new baby. By getting newborn photos, you can email the ones you love to family members. For grandparents you are better off just printing out the pictures for their collage wall – come on, you know they have one. 


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Pass Down the Memories

Being able to pass down the memories of all the sweet squishiness to your child one day will mean the world to them. Days go by so fast but when you pull out old photos, time slows down for just a moment. 

Newborn photos are a great way to remember all of the little details that change so quickly. If you would like more information about newborn photo sessions available in the Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida area please click here.


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