behind the scenes at a newborn shoot | bradenton sarasota newborn baby photography

Beautiful Colby came into my studio and my assistant (that I have on hand to help me and for safety!) took some behind the scenes footage that day! Newborn sessions are like cooking. It’s a recipe. I feel like that happy Italian grandmother who is always smiling as she’s stirring at the stove. My soul is just so happy at a newborn session. I get to see a new (growing) family. I get to meet this brand new life who just wants to tell me what they love and don’t. And I listen. I listen to the family, I listen to the baby, I just listen. You’ll probably see me at the beginning of the session just holding and swaying with the baby. Just taking it in. I LOVE that moment. I find myself smiling. Just all of the newness and perfect details. And then I proceed to capture that baby and family to the best of my ability.

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