Announcing the 2014 Holiday Mini sessions!

It’s here! yay! The long awaited announcement of the holiday mini sessions!

The 2 themed sessions will take place the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November. There will be 6 spots for the Santa mini sessions and 7 available spots for the Car mini sessions.

Just as in previous years, here’s a run down of what the holiday mini sessions are about.

The holiday mini sessions are a quick session that is holiday themed. Yes, siblings are allowed, but no family images in the themed holiday mini sessions. There just isn’t time for it. (but there’s an option for family images this year, so hold on tight!)

The sessions are scheduled 30 min apart but the shooting time is less than that. There is an online gallery of 10-12 images presented. The fee of $175 is pre-paid to hold your spot and also includes 3 downloadable digital portraits. You can (of course) upgrade to all of the images in the gallery if you would like. It is $150 additional (paid through the online gallery cart) to do so.

There is time for ONE outfit only. If you would like multiple outfits drop me an email about reserving your Simplicity or Signature session! These are the sessions that accommodate that best.



These are ADORABLE indoor sessions that are holiday themed. Mom or dad will “don the gay apparel” (aka – the santa suit) so as not to alarm my cute photo subject. Don’t worry parents, your face won’t be in the photo. There are a variety of options we can do with the santa. There are other indoor props to use as well!



These will also feature some fake snow on the ground. The car is best for kids 4 and under (my son pictured below is 4.5 and is TALL for his age at 45 inches) and he still LOVED being in the car! I will also have some cute benches and decorations for sibling images and such here too.

Here’s a sample of these images!


The last set of mini’s is one I’m REALLY excited about. These are mini type family sessions! family_mini

These will be scheduled about 45 min apart (but will probably finish before that time frame). This is perfect to get some beautiful family portraits in my studio. The background is just a simple neutral gray. I ask that the clothing be simple as well (whites, grays, creams, light blues, even shirtless boys and dads with the family in denim bottoms). The focus here is on the connection between the family members and not on the clothes. I love my beautiful colorful out door images but these really speak to my heart as they capture connection SO well! These will be fast paced and FUN! Lots of laughing, lots of snuggles, and beautiful portraits! I can’t wait to start this series of portraits! This session will probably have a little bigger gallery, but your $175 includes 3 images (just like the other sessions) but you’ll have a gallery of about 15-18 to choose from (or upgrade to all if you’d like for $250).

Here’s a little sampling of this type of session.


Now, click on the email link at the bottom of this post or use the contact button at the top of my website page to drop me an email and let me know which YOU would like to book! A payment via credit card via paypal or a check is required to hold your spot!

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