Schedule update! (and another sneak peek of Sarasota beach children photography session)

As my (fabulous) repeat clients know I book my calendar by month. That means I take a limited number of sessions per month. With photographing a lot of newborns, I don’t know when they are coming. So, in order to prevent back ups in editing, I limit my number of sessions per month.

Right now I have ONE more opening for July and TWO more openings for August. If you want a beach session where I get in the water with the children/family, keep in mind, I’m a spoiled princess when it comes to water. So, when the gulf gets cold, I don’t get in. I blame my grandparents. They always heated their pool to at least 87 as a kid and I just can’t bring myself to get in if it’s less than 84 or so (my northern friends are cackling and falling on the floor in laughter right now…).

This is an example of an image taken when I was in the water (as well as the sneak peek a few posts down).

sarasota beach childrens photographer

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