a bit creative and a lot of fun…

Sarasota Beaches are always in the top 10 of World’s Best Beaches. And it’s clear why. The warm gulf waters make it easy for even me, the spoiled “heated pool princess” to get in the water. And get in the water I did. I had a session last night where all I asked was to “let me play”. And this was the result.

A bit about me. I like to create pretty things. Always have. Color, draw, dance, train dancers, put pretty clothes on my baby dolls, create beautiful photography set ups… they are all under the bigger umbrella of “Jennifer must be creating pretty things to keep happy”. And last night I was very happy. VERY happy.

I recently got underwater housing so I am able to take my camera in the water and underwater. So much of Florida life is being in and around the water, it really was a natural transition. I gotta be honest though. This type of photography brings a whole new set of challenges. But, I love it.

Meet Ava.

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