As I’m still catching up on photos I haven’t shared, this was one of my favorite personal sessions from last year. My daughter, Delaney, and her cousin, Peyton.

Peyton and Laney are only 2 months apart. I am so close to my cousin, Kim (you know her as the mom in the xmas jammies viral video). So when I found out that Laney would have a cousin so close in age, I was ecstatic! I waited and waited to do their first session together when they were both sitting up.

Laney was 9 months and Peyton was 7 months here. It was a bit like herding cats (as Laney was on the MOVE during this session) but a great time. I went to take some solo images of Peyton in the pink dress and she was NOT having it. I just love a sitting up baby photo session!

Then we brought out the same crate that we took a few of Peyton’s newborn images in for a fun “then and now”!

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