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September. Back to School. Preparing for Carter’s birthday. Busy season in photography. New activities start up! It has been a jam packed month of all sorts of firsts. I got a new camera (and used my favorite family member test subjects). I took photos at Stage Door Preschool of the Arts and AGAIN I used my guinea pigs, er, my kids as test subjects. So even if their school photos are a fail, I’ll have some good ones! We also had Carter’s first soccer practices and such, but those will have to wait til October.

I have to say, as a mom, there are certain roles that are easier than others. I’m good at laundry. In fact, people email and message me about it. (Have you seen my Laundry post?). Dishes, I despise. DESPISE. Yet, my family insists on eating and making messes. I’m GOOD as a mom with babies. My personal “challenge” age to parent is 18 months – 3 years. After 3 I’m great. I’m LOVING being the mom of an elementary schooler. So, I love all of my children for all of their gifts, and all of their challenges. And I love capturing their personalities in the “now”.

First up is my test shots from my new camera. Carter (still with his uniform shirt on) was helpful as I tested out my fav golden light at the Jennifer Mauren Photography Studio. Laney helped me test it indoors (these are NOT portraits, but I dare you not to smile at her with her “I just pulled out my pigtails” hair).

tampa child photographer 2tampa child photographer 1tampa child photographer 4tampa child photographer 7tampa child photographer 6tampa child photographer 5tampa child photographer 3

Next up is my kids helping me test my set up for the preschool photos I took! They turned out great (both with my kids and the students of Stage Door Preschool

tampa childrens photographytampa childrens photographytampa childrens photography

Now, don’t stop here! Keep drinking that cup of coffee and head on over to my dear friend Kimberly of Fanciful Photography! (and then click through to the rest of the lovely ladies work!)

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