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Well, here it is. The 1st day of Kindergarten for Carter. SO many emotions.

We had a few practice days last week. We went through our morning routine. We even had to go to Rowlett one morning for me to volunteer. And it was that day that was a big wake up call. If you’ve ever met my oldest, Carter, you’ve got a life-long friend. He never meets a stranger. Makes friends wherever he is. That contagious grin you see here on my blog really is how he is on a daily basis. “Shy” is not a word I’d use to describe him, ever… until last Thursday. My usually outgoing, loveable, affectionate Carter practically climbed under my skirt. Say WHAT?! And it was then that it hit me. I’d been so nervous for the first day for me! I wasn’t nervous for him. I knew he had this. I knew he’d greet it with excitement and the fervor for life he always has. And then Thursday happened and I got REALLY nervous. What if he cried at drop off (that he’s never done ever, not even with babysitters)? What if he had a miserable day?

Well, when I woke up this morning at 6:35 he was completely ready. He followed our morning checklist and the only thing yet to do was socks and shoes.

So here is Carter, ready for Kindergarten. Bodie had his open house today for Miss Amy’s class at Trinity Children’s Center and Laney… well, she’s with me. Although she is debuting her pigtails.

Here’s my crew.

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