beautiful people

This little girl is just one of those children that is just beautiful. Really really beautiful. She was a beautiful newborn, and is a beautiful baby as well. So when I had mommy and me mini’s this year and these 2 got out of the car. I gasped. They were just so dreamy and ethereal looking and I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot our mini session. We shot outside first where Miss L was a little apprehensive and wanted to hold mommy’s hand first. So we took a lot of mom and L interacting portraits and then went inside the studio where she even tried on mommy’s heels.

And no, you’re not imagining things, my website went through a big refresh!! I do love it! Please take a few minutes to “poke around”. And, with me being at the helm of the redesign, if you see any goofs, email me… because I wouldn’t put it past me to overlook a few things!

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