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Last week my was the spring program for my boys (who attend Trinity Children’s Center here in Bradenton). It was a big occasion because this serves as Carter’s graduation from VPK!! He is so excited to be off to Kindergarten at Rowlett Elementary in the fall!

And since these are mostly snapshots and you don’t know who most of these kids are… I’ll provide some play-by-play for you.

This is Bodie’s teacher, Miss Fiona. This woman needs to be canonized a saint. She is AMAZING with Bodie (and the rest of the 2 year old class). She sees right through his antics and sees the kind and sweet heart he has. She gets 12 2 year olds doing things I can’t get my ONE 3 year old to do. I. LOVE. HER. Here she is having one last moment with Bodie before the show to encourage him to SIT STILL with the rest of the class. A side note about Bodie… He had a cold and (under doctors permission) I gave him some Triaminic so he was a little out of it.

Carter was SO excited about the performance!!

Here is Bodie with his class performaning. He loves to sing, but not with his friends on a stage.

Carter and his class get SO into the choreography! It’s adorable! The blurry blobs in the front? Other parents videoing the performance.

Yeah, this was our view a lot of the time. ha.

Here’s handsome little Bodie sitting up front by his teacher before he came to sit with us in the audience. A 45 min performance is just too long for him to sit on the stage.

At the end of the performance, each student graduating to Kindergarten gets to walk across the stage while the teacher says what they have said they want to be when they grow up. Carter says he wants to be a writer. He loves to read and write. But, currently he’s more of a plagiarizer. Ha. He loves to copy a picture and text from a fave book. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Preparing for college? HA!

And a really quick few shots in the front yard with his diploma, mom, and dad. No, no images with the siblings. They were still buckled in the car while I snapped these… all the while Bodie was yelling “MOM! My get OUT!!” LOL! And can I just say, holy cow! My big boy is headed to Kindergarten!

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