sleeping bodie… chasing moments blog circle

For this months blog circle it felt appropriate to share Bodie.

Oh, this child.

He is the middle child and EVERYthing that that implies.

One day when he’s standing up on an Olympic podium collecting his gold medal, I’ll take a sigh of relief. But, in the meantime this boy is such a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, he is a SWEETHEART. He has a heart of gold. But, he is on his OWN agenda at all times.

One day in the last month he was having a rough day with potty training (he’ll do great for WEEKS and then have a few rough days. Makes me batty.). He’s also trying to outgrow a nap. See? Challenge all the way. He went to time out for some offense (Lord only knows what). And fell asleep curled up in time out.

From a technical perspective, this image is out of focus. But, the emotion of it is perfectly in focus. My handsome boy in his “boing” shirt (he loves to jump), in just undies, in time out… ASLEEP.

Now click on over to Becky Anderson Photography’s Chasing Moments post and keep clicking all the way through the circle of some fabulous photographers!

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