lets get real.

I’m putting it all out there on this one. I love this family. They drive all the way up from Punta Gorda to come to me. They are just the SWEETEST family. But the day of our session it was REALLY overcast and straight up RAINED during a few images. We had to run for cover (the pic with the handsome boy on the bench? yeah, it was raining. The first image below? Those aren’t bugs… those are raindrops). Little man kept (hilariously) losing his shoes, and was way more interested in crawling away, and big brother was active (yet adorable). Please don’t read this as complaining. I just want you to realize that this family is perfect and NORMAL. My clients are not freak of nature people that are all just beautiful and perfect. Well, they are to me, but they are also just normal fabulous people (who just so happen to be gorgeous). In fact, I’m going to be completely honest and share that mom was very worried when driving away that I got anything! But, in the midst of all the action, rain, laughing, crawling, shoe-hunting, and a bit of chaos emerged some fabulous photos.

I LOVE this series below. It’s a bit of an outtake, but it was just too funny. Brotherly love right there!

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