our fanciful christmas

My dear friend Kimberly, of Fanciful Photography and I have taken almost every step of our photography businesses together. We’re way more than colleagues, though. One of the “perks” (I’ll be honest) is our yearly session swap. Quite simply, I shoot her family, she shoots mine. ha.

I called this my “even though” session…

Even though…
I still had 10 lbs to lose.
She’s only 3 months old and not exactly easy to incorporate into family photos.
The 2 year old is the very definition of the word “challenging”.
The 5 year old was in full on “stinker mode” as he was trying to earn attention.
The husband didn’t like the clothes I originally picked out, and pouts like a kid eating spinach about having to have family photos taken.

Trust me. Just because I’m a photographer does NOT mean that my family is some exception to regular family photography rules. Laney wore a bib most of it because she has reflux and will spew like a can of beer. Bodie attempted (not successful) to run off from us several times. Carter thought he was HILARIOUS when he’d pretend that he couldn’t stand up and would fall on purpose rather than cooperate for photos. But, Kimberly and I both are experts in going with the flow and getting results.

I love the imperfectly perfect session.

And I owe Kimberly a drink. or 17.

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