stars aligning…

or dumb luck.

Photography isn’t about luck. It’s not. But, sometimes you get lucky. REALLY lucky. When it comes to taking portraits of my kids, it’s usually about luck. They know all of my tricks. And they are way ahead of the game. But, sometimes they cooperate, and when they do MAGIC happens. This was that day. This first portrait will be BIG on my wall somewhere. In fact, I may need to build a wall big enough for it.

My sweet baby girl is 6 months old here. I wanted something timeless and the soft tones and classic bonnet were just the thing. You may wonder why the photo below with the smiles isn’t my favorite? I don’t know exactly. It’s the soft sweet expressions above that melt my heart though. The smiles make me happy for sure, no doubt.This one of Bodie is just too precious. An unusual calm moment for him.I adore an eyelash shot. This one is pretty high ranking right now.

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