chasing moments

The cobblers children… Last year, at the end of 2012 I realized I had very few photos of my children and their everyday mess chaos awesomeness. Ha. Enter a resolution to keep up with a Project Life this year and take more photos of my kids and their everyday lives.

Apparently I’m not alone. A group of fabulous photo friends and I were discussing the same thing. Enter the Chasing Moments Blog Circle. Once a month I’ll be posting real pictures of my real kids taken with my real camera (and not just iphoneography) and linking to a bunch of fabulous photographers. Ones you may have heard of, ones you may not have. And we all link to each other, so if you click through all of them, you’ll come back (full circle) to me here at Jennifer Mauren Photography.

A few weeks ago I captured my youngest 2 in the bath. Bubbles, bath seats, cups, and cars.

Now head on over and see what Nikki Welch and her crew have been up to!

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