delaney part three

All of these images were taken when Laney was an “older” newborn by photography standards. In photography terms a “newborn” is under 14 days, preferrably under 10 days. I love days 5-6 for photographing newborns. In all of these Laney was at least 3 weeks, 4 weeks on the peach blanket and ::gasp:: 6 weeks on the cream blanket. You can also tell because she’s plumped up quite a bit. Now, before you go all “see, it’s easy to get sleepy shots of an older baby!” let me be clear. Laney is my baby, and I knew her “this is when she really zonks out” time, and I worked around it. So, no, it wasn’t as easy to get her to sleep as the first post of images I did with her. But, I love them.

The first few outdoor images were in my front yard. It was pretty harsh light at the time, so I was running for the shade.

This is my grandmother’s high chair from the 1930s. I’ll be featuring this image in a newborn safety post next week.

This image is a BIG canvas in her room. I’ll be featuring her nursery on the blog next week!

And because it’s funny. Here’s a collection of Laney faces. This girl cracks me up. The bottom right one is “bad” by photography standards. The light changed in an instant and I snapped anyway. But, she’s my kid and it’s “emotionally” a good image, even if the technicals are subpar.

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