delaney part one

On August 10, 2012 we welcomed our sweet baby girl into our family. Without many gruesome details, she came quickly and with a half failed epidural. But, she is the sweetest little girl with crazy hair that naturally goes into a mohawk, and I love it. I’m sure she’ll hate me when she’s older that I didn’t attempt to tame the mohawk, but oh well. She smiled a LOT in her sleep, so I have quite a few little grins from her. I took SO many newborn images of her because of having the studio. So I broke this post into a few parts.

Next week, I’ll be featuring her nursery and a GIVEAWAY!! I don’t do these often, but wanted to share the love!

So, without further ado, here’s Delaney Mauren Dunlap. 8.10.12 10:49am 6lbs 9oz 21in

Be sure to scroll to the end to see a pleasant “oops”.

So, last week, I was going through my images looking for something and I happened across an oops. I had taken an image of Laney in the hammock and loved it. Then when scrolling through images I found a series that was quite underexposed (the sun went behind the clouds for a few seconds most likely), so I naturally didn’t choose one of those images to edit because I had others with better exposure (and I don’t like to “fix” images in photoshop). Well, son of a gun, there in the underexposed group of images was her SMILING in the hammock shot! DANG IT! So, I’m glad I found it, but I’d already put the non-smiling image on the birth announcement. I still love the not smiling one, so it’s fine, but wanted to feature it here.

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