the cobblers children have no shoes…

and the photographers children have no photos. Well, only a few. I’m in the midst of a busy and wonderful holiday season. It’s no easy feat getting fabulous photos ready for clients to give to their relatives! In the meantime, I intended to do the same with my children. Outfits coordinated, cleaned, and ready? Check. Location chosen? Check. Wait. Hold on. I went to the location and they didn’t have any of their usual Christmas decor up. What, you say? It’s only mid-November? Well, that location was DisneyWorld and I did a fair amount of research and it’s unusual for the location to not have it’s holiday decor up at this time. So, rather than photos done early, looks like I’ll be rushing at the last minute again. Well, I tried!

So, since I can’t share photos of my own kids (I do have some snapshots of them to post though), here’s someone else’s adorable newborn.

Miss B was actually my first studio newborn.

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