a good man is hard to find…

well, boy, not man.  In this case baby boy.  I’ve been blessed with so many girl clients recently!  This precious little man is the newest addition to the L family.  Big sister A is SO proud.  I know the mom from teaching dance.  She’s a kick butt and extremely talented modern teacher (as well as a college professor, but the dance teaching should be mentioned first, right? haha).  He was such a sweet little guy who loved to curl up.

I think this is my new favorite sibling shot.  A was SO excited to take a photo with her new brother!!

Sweet smiles from both kids!


I feel like a 12 yr old boy sometimes, but outtakes like this just crack me up.  Usually babies love me.  They don’t usually have such strong opinions of me 😉  haha.  He did this on his own.  This was no “pose”

Just a note on schedule!  Time is running out to book your “anytime summer mini’s” with me!  Drop me a line at JenniferMauren@gmail.com to book your spot!  Also, I will be “closed” from July 14 – 18 for a short family getaway.  I’ll have all orders ready for pick up by Wednesday this week.  I’ll be responding to business emails about once a day while gone, so my normal quick email reply will slow down just a tad.  Stay tuned for a big announcement in the coming weeks!

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