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Many of my clients know this, but I am a ballet teacher as well.  This is my 18th year teaching and I still love it.  I teach at the fabulous Stage Door Studios in Sarasota.  I’ve been there 3 years (they’ve been open 4 years).  It’s an amazing place.  In this awful economy they’ve managed to not only stay in business but to grow from less than 100 students the first year to over 350 the 4th year.  It’s something I so admire as I started my business just after they opened.  I have amazing coworkers.  We all have this amazing synergy where we all bring our “A” game and it encourages all of the staff to keep producing amazing dancers and choreography.  I’ve always been a very emotionally led artistic person.  Photography is a “new” artistic outlet for me (seeing as I’ve been dancing for 28 years, photography is “new” in comparison).  Here is some of the best of both worlds.  Photos of great dance teachers!

Here’s the gal who started it all, Jill Lynch.  She has AMAZING eyes.


Here’s Miss Celia, the fierce hip hop teacher!

Here’s the sweet Chantal, a student teacher in training!

Here’s Jaime Garcia, another student teacher in training!

Jazz teacher Jayde Howard.  You should’ve seen the Jazz piece and opening number he put together in the recital.  He’s just awesome.

Here’s Miss Jolyn, she has 2 small children as well, and you’d never know it.  She looks fabulous (and so did her lyrical pieces).


Here’s Miss Julie, acro teacher extraordinaire!

Here’s Miss Justine, another one with fabulous eyes. 

Here’s Miss Keri.  She’s planning her wedding right now.  Won’t she make a beautiful bride?

Here’s Miss Nicole.  Her energy level is always up.  Love her great attitude.

Here’s the adorable Rachel.  She ALWAYS has the best attitude. 

And last but not least, ME!!  Jill fired the shot for me.  I have to thank Mr. Chuck Manahan too for loaning me the gorgeous lens for this session.



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