just another newborn? never.

As a long time dancer, I’d get my artistic “fill” through dance and choreography.  Photography is a “new” artistic outlet for me.  New, in the sense that I’ve been dancing since I was 5.  This is my 17th year teaching, so yes, photography is “new” to me.  I got asked recently if I get bored with newborns.  “Aren’t they all the same?”  Never.  Each one has a personality of their own.  Each one I plan ahead to try something new.  A different angle, a new macro shot, a new blanket, something new.  It keeps me challenged artistically.  I still deliver consistently for my clients.  They’ve seen my work, they know that they are getting great quality and fabulous customer service, but I like there to be something to satisfy me as well.

This is baby J.  I photographed her family back in November.  I not only get the best looking clients but they are all so nice as well.  J’s mom has impeccable taste.  In fact, I loved the wall color in her master bedroom so much, I painted my dining room and living room that color (it’s the perfect shade of aqua/blue/green.  Such a hard shade to get right.)  Baby J was a dream for me.  She had a broken collarbone, and you’d never know it.  She was a great model.

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