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I have a friend who dislikes the word “resolution”.  So, instead we discussed what our “hopes and goals” for 2011 are.  One of my first ones is to blog twice a week.  I really enjoy blogging, but finding the time to take just a few minutes to put images up here always seems to get left behind.  So, since I was bad about sharing images from 2010, over the next couple weeks you’ll get to see some of them, because I love the work I did and want to share it!  I am much better about updating my facebook page for some reason, so head over to my facebook business page and “like” me to see more there!

So, hopes and goals for 2011?  SO MANY!  Here’s just a snippet:

1) use the Motivated Moms app for my iphone (I love this phone).  The iphone has made my life so much easier in so many ways.  This app is no exception.  It has a daily to do list to help keep your home running… well, better.  It has cleaning items to do (just a couple each day), reminds you to exercise, reminds you to read the bible (and tells you what to read).  And you just tap the item when you’ve done it and it checks it off your list and moves it to the bottom of the list.  I’m only 3 days in and it’s REALLY nice.  Last nights list didn’t get done til almost 9pm, but it got done!

2) another is to follow a daily schedule so I don’t feel like I’m doing an all or nothing life.  Word At Home Moms (WAHM) can be VERY challenging.  It’s a constant feeling of guilt of “I should be working” an “I should be spending more time with my kids”  “I should be taking care of the house”.  Other photographers/WAHM can I get a holla?!  Again, 2 days into a different time schedule and it still could use some tweaking, but it’s getting better.  I am forcing myself to stop working by 4-5 pm to cook dinner and have family time.  Then after the boys are in bed (all of them… Richie goes to bed early) I’ll work for a bit again.  If you think photography is just the time spent behind the camera… psh… it’s SO many more hours than that.  I’ve venture to guess that shooting is about 5-10% of my time (of course it’s my favorite).

3) every year I tweak some things behind the scenes here at Jennifer Mauren Photography.  This year is no exception.  I just updated my portfolio website.  Check it out if you’d like!  I’ve decided not to do sneak peeks anymore either.  Wait wait, don’t get bent out of shape… I’ve decided to share a larger amount of photos when the gallery goes live!  More photos!  That’s better isn’t it!  I’m headed to a workshop in just a couple days and am so excited about it.  I was always a good student, but never this excited about any training/class… I’m practically giddy!  I made my packing list last night even.  …and for a procrastinator like me that’s HUGE!!  I’ll certainly share images when I return, don’t you worry 🙂

Onto the photos from 2011!!  You may remember my “It’s all about the LOVE” contest?  I shot the session over the summer and never blogged it!  SHAME ON ME!  (see beginning of post re: posting more often?  yeah, we’ll just call this exhibit A).  So here are Dave and Jenny!

The image below is what they chose for their canvas!  It will look beautiful in their home!

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