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I get the comment ALL. THE. TIME. “you must have fabulous pictures of your kids”.  The most common reaction that I have is a full head back cackle followed promptly by a swift and emphatic “No.”  ::sigh:: I wish that’s what it meant.  That’s how I started on my photography journey… to take better pictures of our children.  This post RIGHT HERE is the reason why I think custom photography is so important.  I’d love to have someone else photograph my children.  But no session fee I could pay is enough to have to deal with this.  So, I subject myself.  The glutton for punishment I am…

So, the morning started like this.  I had a lens I rented and wanted to take a few shots of Carter with it.  He’s just over 3, and is pretty cooperative most of the time with the camera.  Today was clearly the exception to that rule.  He was a nightmare.  Full on crying (with tears) at nearly every turn.  It’s enough to make a mom shout “If you don’t cooperate you’re never eating dinner AGAIN!!”  Which kind of ruins my chances of him ever cooperating for photos again.  I broke my rule of sessions:  “let the child lead the situation”.  But, he’s my kid and I had a particular shot in mind.  And when we’re pitting my stubbornness against his?  It’s a grudge match I tell ya.  (I swear he gets his stubbornness from his father…  what.  Quit laughing.  Stop it!)

This is a bit of what ensued.

ok, I thought, I’ll take him off the seat.  Surely that will be better…

Then this after I took him off the trike…  still not quite ready for eye contact.

FINALLY a little eye contact and smile.  You don’t want to know how many shots it took to get to this today.  I have others from today that are “better” but they are being used for Valentines (the point of todays session).

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