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Ahhhh.  Where to start!  I’m still catching up on posting sessions from last year.  So you’ll see them mixed in with current work here for a while.

Every January I try to do a refresh of things.  Update the website images, update the blog… this year I’m taking it a step further!  My new logo and branding will be ready here soon!  YAY!  It’s similar to my current look, and is very “me”!  Soft, pretty, airy… ME!  I can’t wait to show it to you!  You may notice that the blog got a bit of an update recently.  It’ll be this way for a bit and I plan to get a whole new better blog later in the year.  But, that’s not the only excitement around here!

2 weeks ago I flew out to San Diego.  I left my boys here for a couple days.  (and BOY was I nervous about leaving them!)  I got the amazing opportunity to work with the nations leading newborn photographers, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Baby as Art.  If you add blogs to your reader, I HIGLY recommend their blog.  They are so amazing at what they do.

Newborns have always been my favorite subject to photograph.  My newborn work is very good, but I want it to be great.  So, who better than to learn from, than from the girls who photographed Jeff Gordon’s newborn (if you scroll down a ways you’ll see the thumbnails of some of his newborn photos) and hundreds of other newborns.  It was an AMAZING experience.  There wasn’t any “do this and your photos will be divine” moment (again, my newborn work was strong to start with), just little things the whole time that clicked.  I took the workshop that day with a few other girls from around the country:  Megan Squires, Amy Hall, and Winnie Forbes.  We all just soaked up as much info as we possibly could the whole time. We photographed 2 newborns that day. I’ve been working a little each day on these images, and I couldn’t be more please with the results and with what I learned that day.  I’ve been waiting to announce this special until I was ready to blog about the workshop.

I’m going through withdraws though, because I don’t have any newborns scheduled right now!  That is such a rare thing for me!  So, with this new found knowledge I’m running a special for newborns for a short time only!  If you live in the southwest Florida area and are about to have a baby (or know someone who is) tell them to check this out!!  For newborn sessions that take place before 4/15 you’ll receive 1) 25 FREE birth announcements 2) your session fee is reduced to just $75!!  Please email me at for details.

I have all sorts of exciting things planned for 2011 and I can’t wait to see how this year progresses.  So far it’s off to a great start and I pray it continues!

As always my best clients refer the best clients.  I love referrals!  So, I’m rolling out a new referral program.   For 2011, is you refer someone to Jennifer Mauren Photography, it equals free prints for you.  FREE.  F-R-E-E.  For every referral you receive a free 5×7.  The referred client doesn’t miss out either, they get a referral too.  No limit.  If you refer 5 people, 5 free 5×7 prints for you.  10?  yup, 10 prints.  The same also reverses.  If 3 people referred you to me?  LIST THEM because the referred client would also get free 5x7s!  There are limits.  The referral program is not equal to cash.  There’s no cash value to the referral program.

Do you know someone who is due immediately?  I’m looking for ONE boy and ONE girl newborn model.  Email me for details.  Baby must be under 10 days old.  This is for a special one time casting call.  Email me at  Hurry hurry, though, this is sure to go fast!

Here are some more images from the workshop! 

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