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“The cobblers kids have no shoes”.  Well, in this case, Boden’s newborn slideshow is finally done.  I just ordered his announcements 2 weeks ago, and will mail them out this week.  He turns 7 months on Friday.  I’m just keepin’ it real, here folks.  I kept finding other business stuff to do rather than edit his photos.  Other things were always higher on the priority list.  But about 2 weeks ago I finally just sat down and finished them.  In retrospect I was certifiable for attempting to photograph him myself, and will just flat out hire someone next time.  They aren’t perfect (in fact I was having equipment issues when I shot them), but he’s about as perfect as they get, so I love them.  I was going to just share a few, but figured you might want to see his slideshow.  So, here’s Boden Cooper Dunlap.  More to come later this week of some adorable pics of him and Carter together!

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