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Rewind 6 months ago.  I was about to have Bodie and I got an inquiry for a family session.  Being hugely pregnant, I knew it could be cutting it close.  But, the mom, Aja, was pregnant herself with TWINS.   I knew how badly Aja wanted photos of her family of 3 before they blossomed into a family of 5.  So, at 39 weeks pregnant, I shot their family session.  I’m not gonna lie, it wiped me out.  But, it was a GREAT session.  Their little man, P, was such a little ball of personality.  I just adored him!  And, because I had Bodie 1 week later (and had been in early labor from about 2 days after their session) their family session never got blogged.  Shame on me!  So, I’m making up for it.  I’m blogging a few images, and what the heck, I’ll share their full gallery in slideshow form too!!

It just melts my heart when little boys laugh and giggle with their mama’s like this.

Can we say favorite?  LOVE this image!

again with the giggles, but it just totally warms my heart!!!

And, for more giggles, smiles, fun, laughter… enjoy their slideshow!!

I knew Aja was due with twins in September. But that can mean any time after later July really. I was so excited to get my hands on their twins. I didn’t want to spam her email inbox with “have you had those babies yet?” Because I knew when people asked me that question it made me want to consider inflicting violence upon them (and I’m about the least violent person you’ll meet). It’s a double blessing when you have a great family to work with that is also pretty darn good looking too. I knew Aja had an interest in photography too. While some photographer’s may roll their eyes, I think it helps. They understand how hard it really is to balance all of the technical things as well as the artistic. So, when I got the call that the twins were here and ready for their session, I was stoked.

Meet M and A. Mr. M had definite preferences. Because he was a bit cramped in there, he liked his head facing a certain way. He also had the most adorable pouty lips. When I first picked him up I commented on his lashes. They were crazy long… until I saw Miss A’s. Hers were even longer and CURLED!! It’s amazing to me that I didn’t need a hat or headband to tell them apart (no they weren’t identical, but often even fraternal newborn twins will look alike. Not these guys. Mr M is so handsome and Miss A is just so delicately pretty. They aren’t just cute babies they have precious features already! So here’s a few (er… a lot) from their session.

Phew!!  That was a big ol’ share!

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