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I was working on some of Bodie’s newborn photos tonight and found these. I honestly forgot I took them. Bodie’s first few days/weeks were a blur for me. I had a much harder (physical) recovery with him. I attempted a few small newborn shoots with him. It was physically too hard on me, but I made myself do it because I knew I wanted them. Those sessions physically wiped me out. I should’ve hired someone to do it, but I’m a *wee* bit stubborn. (ok family, stop laughing now) Emotionally it was an even harder time. Richie was only able to take one afternoon off of work, and in that afternoon he had food poisoning and literally spent it curled up on the bathroom floor. I wish I was exaggerating. I had very little help from him at all. He’s an extremely involved dad, normally, so this just compounded it. Then, throw in the HUGE issue of me grieving my mom. Richie was super busy after Carter was born, too, but for 2 weeks Mom was at my house everyday during the hours that Richie worked. When Bodie was born I had a few people offer to come and help, but I wasn’t ready to let someone come in and *replace* Mom. But, the morning Bodie was delivered, and Richie told me his obligations to work that week, I called my aunt and godmother, Peggy, and she came down 2 days. I am not even sure when exactly these were taken. I think about 10 days old for Bodie. So, I am just getting to the point where looking at Bodie’s newborn photos don’t make me a little emotional. It only took 4 months.

He is so tiny here. He was born at 8lbs 14oz. While not “small” that is smaller than the 9lbs 12oz Carter. But, Bodie quickly put on the weight and he is even bigger than Carter was now. At a little over 2 months he was 16lbs 2oz and nearly 26in long. He’s my little linebacker, I tell ya.  I think he wore the outfit below twice.  He outgrew newborn clothes by 10 days old.

So, here’s a dose of just some snapshots of him. Not a perfect newborn session photo, but a perfect little baby.

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