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I’ve been a bad photographer mommy.  I’ve had quite the “to do” list, and I made myself get through a good portion of it before I could edit pics of Bodie.  So, here on the day he turns 8 weeks old, I’m sharing pics of his first few days.  They aren’t fabulous portraits, just snapshots, but I love them, and I LOOOOVE the subject.  Boden is sweet, snuggly, sleepy, and just so many answered prayers!!   I need to take some pictures of Carter too, but he’s a bit more difficult in front of the camera so I choose the easy photo subject right now.  I have plenty more to edit from his newborn session (about 150 to be exact… yeah, I overshot a bit).

I love portrait photography, but sometimes just capturing the moment is all I want.  That’s what these are about.

I rented a macro lens, and this is one of the first shots from it.  That was a FUN lens, and I’ll be purchasing one of those soon!  Loved it for newborn detail shots!!

This swing was a fave of Carter’s and Boden is loving it too.  I just love the curled up hands in this shot.

Say it with me “Awwwww!!!”

Are you married?  When was the last time you had a photo (or portrait even) taken of just you and your spouse?   Go ahead and think… I’ll wait.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Stay tuned to the blog this week for an amazing blog contest!!

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