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I’m trying a few new regular installments.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to post on my blog more regularly!!  So my Monday posts will be “mine on monday”.  They may be portraits, they may be snapshots, they may be totally random, but they’re mine 🙂  I love getting to know my clients personally and like sharing my world too.   So, here’s a snippet of some images of Carter from around Christmas.  The first two are of Carter at the Christmas tree lot.  I told him Lightning (McQueen) was hiding in a Christmas tree and he held still long enough for my shutter to capture him.  My mother-in-law was there too trying to capture him with her camera and she quickly learned what a “joy” (note the sarcasm) he is in front of a camera.


I like to think with this next one that he’s thinking “…and now I take off”!    LOL!!


We were at Ft. Wilderness campground when I did a shoot with him for our Christmas card images.  I’ll share those soon too.  Here are two that didn’t make the card, but I love them just the same!  The trick to getting these shots?  A new Wall-E doll that I used to play hide and seek, peekaboo, and sang silly songs with.  Hey, I got the shot.  What do I care if the people staying at the campground think I’m certifiable!!  LOL!!



be prepared to see some of my co-workers from Stage Door Studios here soon!  I just finished up headshots!

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