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5 on friday!!

1)  Carter has started to say “I love you” unprompted.  Melts me everytime.  He seems to do it in the proper context too, which melts me even more.  This week I was typing an email to a friend who lost her dear daughter at just 9 days old.  I was crying as I typed the email, when Carter walked up to me, pulled on my sleeve, and said “Mama?  Yi Yuh You” (Mama?  I love you).  He then climbed in my lap, put his head on my shoulder and repeated it 2-3 more times.  He’s a heart melter, for sure!

2) I’ve mentioned on my facebook (and in the #1 above) about the Gilmore family.  Mara and I were due about a month apart.  We were so excited to be pregnant together.  Mara’s sister Megan (Carter’s swim instructor) and I had our boys about 3 weeks apart and it was looking like Mara and I would have our children about that distance apart too.  Well, Mara had to deliver early due to a life threatening condition called Hydrops to baby Grace.  Baby Grace fought and fought for 9 days and passed away on Sunday night.  Many many prayers to the Gilmore family!

3) I guess since I’m 32 weeks, it’s time to come to grips with the idea that there will be a baby coming home with us soon.  We have the nursery all set to go (as it’s Carter’s nursery) but Carter’s big boy room is still a cluttered office/workout room.  Yeah.  We better get moving on that.

4) For all wondering, I am shooting sessions until mid-March.   I am due March 23rd, but went 12 days overdue with Carter and have a funny feeling that will be the case this time too.  My mom was never less than 2 weeks overdue with myself and my 2 brothers, so I’m planning on April 😉  I’ll be resuming sessions about the first week of June.  I’ll definitely have the blog fired up to share pictures of the new baby and some other fun stuff!!

5) I went on vacation after Christmas to North Carolina.  It was dual purpose.  We stopped in Charlotte because that’s where my sister-in-law and her family live!  Also, my cousin, Kim, lives in Raleigh.  We usually make stops at both places, but this year was special exception.  Kim (who is way more like a sister than a cousin… our mom’s raised us as sisters, not just cousins) delivered a healthy baby boy on Dec. 23rd (yes, you’ll see pics of him here soon, I promise).  So Richie, Carter, and I drove to Charlotte and then I left the next day to head to Raleigh by myself to help out Kim and take some pictures.  I managed to squeeze in time for a session with new big sister, L, and her cousin, E!!!  These girls kept me moving, that’s for sure!!  L is a PRIME candidate for bribing, and let me tell ya, we did plenty of that!!  Here’s some of my faves from their session!!

These 2 girls, may be super active, but they adore each other!


First up, is the fabulous Miss L.




Next up was little cousin, E.  She has that BEAUTIFUL china doll face!!  Just scrumptious!!




I’ll be back soon with some of the new little brother’s session!  Enjoy H family!!

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