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That word pretty much sums it up right there.  I should’ve blogged about 3-4 sessions this week, and I just haven’t.  I’m so sorry.

I will post however that I got to get together with my cousin Kim (who is like my sister) and her family, her mother Peggy (my godmother) and her husband Scott, my grandparents (aka Mema and Grandaddy) , my other cousin Nicole (also like a sister) another Aunt Ellen and Uncle Ray and my mom today.  I had the best day.  I got to see my mom play with my little boy.  I got to see her read him books.  I got to see her wake up from a nap to the sounds of her grandson in the room.  Totally awesome. You may see that list of people and say that sounds like a big gathering.  Psshh.  That ain’t nothing.  That was a mild little get together by Richelieu standards!!  I come from a big family and adore it!!  We’re all very close though, and I adore that even more!
So, I apologize to my clients waiting on their sneak peeks!  I’ll get them up asap!  I promise!!

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