5 on friday | bradenton, fl photographer

1. The weather here has been AWFUL this last week!  It’s either raining like crazy (like 2 in of rain in a day) or it’s blazing hot with crazy humidity that makes you think you could chew the air.  Blech!  I’ve taken to doing my shoots outdoors in the early mornings or later in the evenings!  Even then it’s hot, but we make the best of it!

2.  Mom has an appointment at Moffitt Cancer Center with her oncologist this week.  She had a CT scan on Monday that made her CRAZY sick.  I feel so helpless!  But, I’m praying for WONDERFUL things and that she gets some energy back and feels better!  Carter misses her!

3.  Carter did that CUTEST thing yesterday.  I was working on something and he was playing with his trains.  Well, I look up and he’s not in the room.  Usually this means he’s escaped to my bathroom and is brushing his teeth (the boy loves to brush his teeth).  So I start heading towards the bathroom saying “Caaaaar-teeeer” (in a sing song type of voice).  I get to the bedroom and call his name again.  That’s when I hear him in the bathroom say “Uh oh, Mama” then the sounds of drawers closing quickly.  Little booger knew he’s not supposed to be in there without me!  Busted!  I just laughed and laughed!  It was also the first time he strung two words together.

4.  I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!  I think the Dunlaps are just going to lay low.  Carter and I will hang out in the morning and we’ll have barbecue for dinner.  Maybe will take a dip in the pool, but nothing too exciting.

5.  ..and last but not least.  I was voted Best Photographer by Family Living Magazine readers this week.  I am so proud and honored.  I’ve worked really hard to deliver a great product to my clients so far and I’m so flattered they voted for me!

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