5 on friday… PHEW! just in time! | bradenton, fl family photographer

Life has been busy but good here!

1) Carter has finished his ISR swimming lessons with Megan Zoller!  We went to Ft. Wilderness last weekend and swam everyday.  He’s a FISH!  LOVES the water.  I’m so impressed that my 18 months old is swimming for 6-7 feet at a time underwater and loving every second!

2)  Carter had his 18 months check-up this week and SURPRISE he’s still a big guy!  His height is just under 35″ and his weight is a solid 30 lbs.  His weight has leveled out and he’s still growing like a weed.  He definitely has Fred Flinstone feet.  I can’t find a single pair of flip flops that fit without creating uncomfortable red marks (that’s if I can get them on at all).  Crocs it is!!

3)  We have a car lover!  Richie bought him these adorable Disney racers that are made to look like different Disney characters.  Very commercial.  Very much loved by my toddler.  He typically takes one to bed at night.

4)  Boy, I seem to only post about the little man.  I guess it seems his life is so much more exciting than mine.  Unless you count the sale I found at Toys R Us today on snack foods.  I know, contain your excitement!

5)  I’m quickly booking out for the rest of May, so if you’re interested in a session at the new Portfolio Building prices, email me at JenniferMauren@gmail.com!!   Oh, I’ve had some “interesting” comments lately of spam nature, so if you see one before I do, feel free to let me know!!

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