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Check me out with 2 blog posts two days in a row!!

1.  I have VERY little space left on my hard drive.  So little in fact, I haven’t downloaded our last Disney trip photos because client photos have taken precedence.  I have backed up my hard drive (in duplicate and sometimes triplicate… hey, I’m thorough!), but have the HARDEST time hitting delete!!

2.  I am looking at my house that needs cleaning, but I thought a blog post would take priority.  🙂  We have friends coming for dinner though, so I can’t put it off too long.

3.  For those blog readers not in South Florida right now, it’s HOT here.  I mean, temps in the 90s, pool is in the upper 80s (unheated) kind of hot.  The kind of hot that makes me VERY glad both of my jobs keep me indoors!

4.  Carter has become quite the car lover.  Richie bought him some of the adorable “Cars” cars and some of the Disney Racers.  Those boogers are everywhere.  In the living room, in my purse, in his bed, in the car seat… EVERYWHERE!!

5.  Also for those blog readers not in South Florida, it’s lovebug season here.  Blech.  Despite the name, they are NOT lovely.  My car will get a trip to the carwash today to remove their remains after my drive to Tampa to pick up a new lens on Tuesday.  I have to praise North Tampa Photo.  They were the ONLY store in 4 counties (and at least a dozen websites) with this particular lens in stock.  It happens to be the lens I used on Mr. M’s photo’s below.  I big puffy heart that lens.  The service at North Tampa Photo was stellar!  Thanks Keith!!  For those photography buffs, the new lens is the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8.  Amazing lens.  It’s no lightweight, but I’m tough, I can take it!

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