5 on Friday… Saturday Edition! | Bradenton, FL Children and Family Photographer

As I’m making some changes to the blog to keep it growing, it’s going to (eventually) be a place for my personal blogging and business blogging.  So, here’s my 5 on Friday.  Just 5 random things!

1)  In my “other life” as a ballet teacher all of my dances are choreographed already!  WOOT!

2)  Carter is taking ISR swimming lessons and is doing GREAT with his instructor, Megan Zoller.  Keep watching the blog for some photo proof of his swimming in the next couple days!

3)  Carter is somewhat of a picky eater (ok, he’s DEFINITELY a picky eater).  Feel free to leave a comment on foods your 18 month old loved, because we’re in a rut here!

4)  I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on the channel other people had it on.  For instance, right now, Playhouse Disney is playing and I haven’t changed the channel… yet.  Last night it was the discovery channel logging show that Richie left on.

5)  Today is the last day of teaching because it’s spring break here!!!   YAHOO!!

Phew!  Made it!  Come back soon to see a sneak peak of Jill’s headshots and some swimming photos!

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