5 on friday… saturday edition… again! | bradenton, fl family photographer

We’ve had a case of the sickies here in our house the end of this week.  First Carter, now Richie.  So, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but alas, it’s late.  What can I say.  Life happens!

1)  I’m so very grateful, but I have been one busy bee this week.  6 sessions in 7 days!  Phew!  Now to keep editing!   No complaints here!  I’m lovin’ it!

2)  Carter has been sick since Wednesday.  While he’s feeling better today, the whininess remains…  oy vey!!

3)  We’re hosting Easter tomorrow!  Lots of good food, swimming, and family fun tomorrow!  YAY!

4)  Would you believe I haven’t even gotten the Easter baskets down yet?  We normally decorate for the holiday a month in advance.  Oops!!

5)  Richie porbably wouldn’t like me bragging, but he won the homerun award this season in softball and played for the All-star game last night!  So proud of you, babe!!!

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