Good Luck Today, Grandma!!

As many of you know, my mom is on round 2 of chemo at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Despite her despise of all things chemo, she’s putting on a good attitude and her battlegear to kick cancer in the hiney.  She has been such a support to me as I start this journey in photography.  She’s been my “go to” babysitter for my sessions.  Even chemo can’t keep a Grandma from her grandchild!  She’s starting her 4th treatment (of probably 12) and is having some nasty side effects.  But, she’ll beat it, I know she will!

If you have an extra moment today and could say a little prayer for her, we’d appreciate it!



This next one isn’t quite in focus, but I love it anyway.  Sometimes things are emotionally in focus and not technically 😉


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