I mentioned last week that Carter has been taking swimming lessons.  He has been enrolled in Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons with Megan Zoller.  This is his 5th week of lessons and he’s doing swimmingly (sorry, bad pun).   I am so impressed!  Megan is an amazing instructor, and well, I’m a little proud of her student too!  😉   Carter took lessons with her when he was 10 months old and learned to float.  Now that he’s walking and it’s swim season here, he’s learning to swim/float/swim.  This means he swims for a little ways, rolls over in a float to rest, then flips back over to continue swimming.  Lather, rinse, repeat until he gets himself to the side of the pool.  Here’s a glimps of a recent lesson!!








As I’m making some changes to the blog to keep it growing, it’s going to (eventually) be a place for my personal blogging and business blogging.  So, here’s my 5 on Friday.  Just 5 random things!

1)  In my “other life” as a ballet teacher all of my dances are choreographed already!  WOOT!

2)  Carter is taking ISR swimming lessons and is doing GREAT with his instructor, Megan Zoller.  Keep watching the blog for some photo proof of his swimming in the next couple days!

3)  Carter is somewhat of a picky eater (ok, he’s DEFINITELY a picky eater).  Feel free to leave a comment on foods your 18 month old loved, because we’re in a rut here!

4)  I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on the channel other people had it on.  For instance, right now, Playhouse Disney is playing and I haven’t changed the channel… yet.  Last night it was the discovery channel logging show that Richie left on.

5)  Today is the last day of teaching because it’s spring break here!!!   YAHOO!!

Phew!  Made it!  Come back soon to see a sneak peak of Jill’s headshots and some swimming photos!

Yesterday I got together with T for his senior pictures.  He’s quite the handsome devil, huh!  We had a BLAST!  We were on the boat a bit, then off to another cool location!  It was a bit windy yesterday, even for this boat ride lover!  Here’s your sneak peak, T!  Have fun in Colorado!



Then we happened upon this sign.  My heart DROPPED to my feet at the sight of the SIGN, nonetheless an actual gator!



Pictures in front of pavers!  HAHA!!  I just HAD to do it!!  hehe…  Laugh now, Dad!!!


Told ya he was handsome!!

As many of you know, my mom is on round 2 of chemo at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Despite her despise of all things chemo, she’s putting on a good attitude and her battlegear to kick cancer in the hiney.  She has been such a support to me as I start this journey in photography.  She’s been my “go to” babysitter for my sessions.  Even chemo can’t keep a Grandma from her grandchild!  She’s starting her 4th treatment (of probably 12) and is having some nasty side effects.  But, she’ll beat it, I know she will!

If you have an extra moment today and could say a little prayer for her, we’d appreciate it!



This next one isn’t quite in focus, but I love it anyway.  Sometimes things are emotionally in focus and not technically 😉


Little Baby G.  I had the pleasure of photographing her and big sis M.  She was as sweet as they come!!  I also did her mom’s maternity photos a few weeks ago!  Great friends, beautiful kids, a photographers dream!

Stay tuned to the blog!  Some changes will be coming this weekend and lots more activity is a ‘comin!!

Isn't she sweet!

Isn't she sweet!






Thanks for looking!  Keep coming back, and don’t forget to leave a comment!!