I always find it so weird to talk about myself.  I’m not going to write about myself in the 3rd person and pretend that anyone else wrote this but me.  Plus, you want to hire me to capture your loved ones, not date me, right?  Fine then, I skip the part about what kind of wine I prefer.  🙂

Ok.  I’ll try my best.

I didn’t grow up taking pictures.  Nope.  I actually come from a dance background.  I’ve taught ballet for what seems like forever.  It’s like breathing to me.  It just comes naturally.  What does that mean for you?  I’ve come from one area of the arts where I’ve excelled (both technically and artistically) and I would never attempt to sell a product of art unless I was confident in both it’s technical superiority and it’s strength as art.  There is always a balance between technical and art.  To balance my art, I majored in Health Science at the University of Florida.

I’m a bit of a goofball.  I constantly trip over things and make a fool of myself.  I’m not afraid to sing loud to calm down my kids in public.  I’ll happily get up and dance the hokey pokey whenever there’s the occasion.  What does this mean for you?  You’ll be surprised at the lengths I’ll go to to make a child feel comfortable.

I’m a people person and very sensitive.  But, I have zero sense of direction.  I think God took my sense of direction and gave me more intuition to read people.  I can meet a child for just a couple minutes and know how they think and how they work.  I can spot their personality in the first moments.  I know when to be loud and excited, and I know when to step cautiously.

Afterall, you’re hiring me to capture your loved ones just as they are.  If I’m going to be successful, I have to just let you be you.  No false pretenses.  No one pretending to be something they’re not.

Newborns are my favorite to photograph.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like other areas of photography.  Do you have one killer recipe that you love and you love making for others?  But, you still have plenty of other recipes that are awesome too, right?  That’s how I am with newborns.  My spaghetti bolognese (if you will) is my go to for company.  But, I still make a mean meatloaf, mouthwatering smothered chicken, and my coconut shrimp isn’t bad either.  🙂

My grandmother once told me I never met a stranger.  So, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Jennifer.  I’m the one who’s going to take beautiful portraits for you.

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Image credit Danielle Hobbs Photography, Shey Marin Photography, Little Moon Photography

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