patience grasshopper

Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m gifted in patience with children, but in other areas of my life… well… let’s just say that I struggle with it, mkay? This little girl made me work for it. Despite being 6 days old on our first shoot she was NOT interested in sleeping that day. So, my assistant and I came back to try another day armed with some different strategies and it WORKED!! This sweet little girl has the kindest parents (Dad made us some AMAZING eggs during a feeding break – that was supposed to be for just the baby…). As you can see, the results didn’t show that we had to work a bit harder with her.

Just a personal note, my life has a cycle – 1) get behind in life 2) neglect blog 3) nest at my home and get caught up 4) resume blogging. I apologize for the delay in blogging sessions! I had so many beautiful babies to capture this summer that I’ll be sharing more of them in the weeks to come!

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