I happen to have 2 younger brothers.  Jesse and Brett.  We’re pretty close.  We laugh and chat frequently, and I’m sure they have grand plans to teach my boys things I won’t be happy about.  I don’t have any sisters.  The closest to an older sister is in the post below this (my cousin Kim as featured here and here).   Nicole (Niki to her friends, but hey, I just can’t seem to make the switch) is my little sister equivalent.  Well, as many girls did in their teens I did a lot of babysitting.  And man oh man, did I do a lot of babysitting.  I had families that even had me on retainer.  One of those was my Uncle Charlie that had me on retainer for Friday nights.  Starting when Nicole was in 1st grade and I was 17, I picked her up from her afterschool program on Fridays (and boy do I wish I had photos of some of her outfits from way back when) and we’d have what she called “girls night”.  Nicole went everywhere with me on Fridays.  We’d go shopping, we’d go out to dinner, she’d go hang out at rehearsals with me (I’m most of the reason to blame for her success in dance).  And when she was older and dancing more, I’d make sure she was at rehearsals and had what she needed.  We kept up the Friday night girls night out until she was in 8th or 9th grade I think.  Even when I was away at UF, I’d drive home on the weekends to dance and usually would pick her up from school as I was driving in town from Gainesville.  Nicole has never had a problem expressing herself.  She is always so well spoken.  I’m jealous of how she can be so eloquent and not regularly put her foot in her mouth.  She just graduated from University of Florida (we had the same major for our bachelor’s program) with her master’s in Occupational Therapy.  She’s about to start her first job.  I’m SO proud.  She also met this great guy Jeff, in college.  I knew when I met him it was a matter of time before they were engaged.  Call it a 6th sense, but I just knew.  He’s laid back,smart (a UF grad in engineering), and sweet as the day is long (and he’s pretty handsome as you’ll see).   So when I got a text not too long ago that they were engaged, I was SO excited.  It was SUCH a joy capturing these too.  The weather was NOT a friend the night of the shoot.  It was pretty gray outside and it was COLD.  Windy and COLD.  (ok, disclaimer for my out of state readers, it was probably in the upper 50s with wind, but to us native Floridians that dang frigid!!)  But, we went on anyway.  We shot at the park at Marina Jacks.  Nicole and Jeff LOVE boating, the beach, and the outdoors in general, so this was very appropriate for them!

So, today is February 15th.  7 years ago today Richie proposed.   It’s our engagement-aversary today.  So I thought it only fitting that I share their engagement photos today.

Jeff is such a sweet guy, but he got so tickled here over something and I can’t remember what it was… but I am a sucker for natural reactions and expressions!

I was changing my settings and looked down and Nicole wrote their wedding date in the sand.  So cute!!

“Lay down in cold wet grass?  Sure thing Jen!!”  I love people who aren’t afraid to have some fun!!

Last shot of the night and I think it’s my fave.  Maybe it’s the sweet look of love on her face as she holds him.  Maybe it’s his coy smile.  Regardless.  Love it.

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