1)  I’m baaaa-ack!  We had a nice little vacation, and I am finally caught up on the post – vacation laundry and such!  Phew!!!  I gotta be honest, I still have at least one load of towels to fold an put away though.  Just keepin’ it real.

2)  With all of the challenge of 2 small children, teaching ballet, and running a successful business, the back burner has been Boden’s newborn photos.  I have just been putting them off for too long.  Here’s one I just finished.  I left his “angel kisses” in tact on this edit.

I know I’m a bit partial, but I just love that squishy face!!

3) I am running my a/c full time, house full of fans on high, and the external temp is in the 90s and I’m already planning for the holidays.  Holiday sessions and holiday cards that is!  I have some BEAUTIFUL plans for holiday cards this year!!  I can’t wait to share!  You’re gonna love them!

4) Don’t forget about summer mini sessions!

5)  A little plug and information for a great service.  Carter is a successful graduate of the Infant Swimming Resource program.  His instructor, Megan Zoller is a wonderful instructor.  This program is not simply about learning to swim, but for survival lessons should a child fall in the water.  Carter starts his refresher lessons next week.  His float is a little rusty.  I am so thankful for Megan and her services!  She is worth her weight in gold!!   Be prepared for some pics of him in lessons next week!

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