1)  I am so far behind editing personal photos!  I am STILL working on Boden’s newborn photos.  Don’t worry there will be a BIG post when they are done!  Here’s one from this morning that just made me melt…  Say it with me, “awwwwww”!

2) I am enjoying a weekend away with my family right now.  So, I may be slow to respond to emails and such.  I have internet access, but it’s via a wireless card, so it’s a bit slow.  I’d like to say “I deserve a weekend off”, but it’s just nearly impossible for me to make a clean break from technology.

3) I am booking Mini sessions right now, and have had quite the response to them!  They are only good on sessions that take place by September 15th, so book now before I’m all booked up!

4)  Christmas in July!!!  No, seriously!!  I am getting my holiday cards for 2010 picked out and organized!  Remember to ensure delivery for the holidays I am instating the following deadlines.   Nov. 15th:  Last day a session can take place and ensure product delivery by Christmas.  Dec. 1st:  Last day of orders to ensure Christmas delivery for standard prints and holiday cards.  If you want an album, the latest you can order that is Nov. 1st, so you’d need to have your session in the beginning of October to allow time for editing and design!

5) On a personal note:  I am finding motherhood just flat out hilarious.  I find myself saying things DAILY that I never dreamed would come out of my mouth.  This week?  Carter is obsessed with my armpits.  You know, the crease that is made when your arms are down by your side?  And the little bit of “fluff” (I’m telling myself it’s the fluff that is from my relaxed muscles against each other and not a fat pocket… hey, whatever gets me through the day, right?) that is there?  Carter likes to poke at it… and KISS it.  He’s been told REPEATEDLY “Do not touch people’s armpits, it’s yucky”.  So he tries to circumvent getting in trouble by asking “Is that Mama’s armpit?”  Why yes, Carter.  It is.  It is Mama’s armpit.  Then he’ll lean in and kiss it.  Blech.  Crazy kid.

And because I shared about Carter, I’ll share on Boden… he’s rolling over so well from belly to back!  I’m so proud of him!  He’s getting so big.  This week I had to put away the 3-6 months clothes and get down the next 3 sizes from the attic.  He’s asleep in a 9-12 month outfit right now.  It’s so cliche, but so true… They grow up so fast!!

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