I’ve been planning this contest in my head for weeks, and it’s time to roll it out!!

As many of you know, I lost my Mom in September.  When we were planning her memorial service, and were gathering photos it really hit me.  The only photos of my parents together were at random functions for a snapshot.  Not exactly wall portrait worthy.  Most of the photos of my mom alone were of her scowling at my dad in the “how dare you take a picture of me looking like this” fashion.  I, myself, have found myself following down the same path.  I’m either always behind the camera or putting my hands up in front of the lens saying “No!!  Not when I look like this!!  I have baby weight to lose/no make up on/bad hair/pimple on my face/ugly clothes on/etc”.

Exhibit A:  while the snapshot clearly shows my parents love for each other, it’s not exactly wall portrait worthy.  It’s all that’s left. I converted it to black and white so that the other objects of various colors wouldn’t distract from my parents.  I have many similar photos of Richie and me.  I plan to do something about that!!

I tried DESPERATELY to have a family session with my Mom, Dad, brothers, Richie, and Carter.  I even had a WONDERFUL photographer giving up time from her vacation to shoot it.  …but Mom’s health took a serious turn for the worse very suddenly and it was unable to happen.  I was distraught.  We were supposed to have the session on a Monday evening, when it was unable to happen, another great photographer (and friend) offered to shoot her and I the next Monday so I could have a couple pictures of her and I together.  I was pregnant and she was not going to get to meet this baby (Boden), and I wanted at least one picture of her and I together when I was pregnant.  She passed that Saturday.  I never got the picture with my mom that I had so clearly planned in my head.  I was going to be facing her, giving her a kiss on the forehead (she was shorter than me) with her arms wrapped around me.  I wanted her hands on my belly.  Giving Boden a hug (so to speak).  I’m still crushed over the loss of that moment.  I still start crying when I think about it.

I think the last portrait of just my parents was done by Olan Mills in 1987.  …and I don’t even think they purchased it.  As with all life events, I believe it’s how you grow from the experience.  So, I’m using my business, my blog, and my talent to prove a point.  It’s become my new motivation this year to give as many “moments” as possible to my clients.

The love of the parents is worth photographing.  It’s just as important to have photographs on your wall showing the love of a Mom and Dad (and not just of your adorable children… and they are adorable).  You are the reason the family exists in the first place.  Let’s not forget that!!

June 18th is my parents anniversary.  They would’ve been married 34 years.  So I’m honoring that day with a contest and giveaway.  Here’s the scoop!

1)  Submit your photos (snapshots are fine) to me via email to JenniferMauren@gmail.com  Give me a little snippet about the couple.  The couple MUST be married.  All entries must be received by Sunday June 13th.

2) On Monday June 14th Voting will begin and will end on my parents anniversary, June 18th!  Send all your friends and family to the blog to vote!  The couple with the most votes wins!  The winner will be announced on my blog on Saturday June, 19th.

3) What do they win?  A session with me!!!  The session must take place in July or August 2010.  The session is for the couple ONLY.  No kids.  No exceptions.  It’s all about the love, baby!   Specifically, by “winning” the contest you win a session with me and a gallery wrapped canvas (sized 16×20) of your choice of favorite image from the session!!  There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prize as well!   2nd and 3rd place will receive a print credit to use on a future session with me!

Here’s the fine print:

As much as I try, this is a contest over the internet so things can try to win unfairly.  I will be monitoring to try to ensure it is running as fairly as possible.  If I believe someone is “stuffing the ballot box” unfairly they will be removed from the contest.  Remember people, it’s about love 🙂

The couple MUST be married.

The winning couples must sign a model release so I can feature the images (images may be featured on some/all of the following:  facebook, this blog, my website, and/or in print for marketing materials).  The couples will be required to sign and comply to the terms and conditions of the session contract with Jennifer Mauren Photography.

The session must take place in July or August of this year.  The session must take place within Manatee or Sarsota counties.

If you have any additional questions (or to book a session yourself) please feel free to contact me at JenniferMauren@gmail.com

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