Did you think I forgot about this place?  Heck no!!  But, life has been busy (boy, is that the understatement of the year!!!)

1)  Let’s start with the first and foremost!  Boden Cooper Dunlap is here!!  ON his due date (not like his tardy brother who was 12 days overdue).  He was 8# 14oz and 20in  long.  He had his 6 week check up yesterday and is 13 lbs 11 oz and 24.5 in long!  He’s growing like CRAZY and is already in a size 2 diaper and is outgrowing his second set of clothes!!  You know, mom’s always say that “it goes so fast” and with him, it literally does!!!  I am editing his newborn pics, but here’s a snapshot or two from his first days.


2)  The next question is always… “How is life with the new baby for the rest of the family?”  Well, Carter LOVES his little brother, but is testing my patience with not wanting to listen.  Some of it is normal 2 year old shenanigans, some of it is fueled by mom having to divide her attention.  All normal.  All COMPLETELY frustrating!!!  LOL!

3)  Miles for Moffitt!!  In a little over a week me, my dad, my cousin Kim (who is flying in), my brother (only one, the other is fishing a tournament that day), a cousin and her fiance, and a spattering of other friends are going to be walking/running Miles for Moffitt.  I ran this race 2 years ago when mom was still in the hospital recovering from her surgery to remove the cancer from her colon.  This year we do it in honor and memory of her.  I’ll have Boden with me, and not sure if I’ll bring the “big” camera… but rest assured, there’ll be some sort of camera there and I’ll share photos!!  If you’d like to donate to Miles for Moffitt, we have a donation page set up for “Songbyrd’s Army” (that is what we’ve named ourselves).  Go to this website:  http://www.active.com/donate/milesformoffitt2010/songbyrd and you can either donate, or register for the event there!  Make sure you choose Songbyrd’s Army from the drop down box if you want to register for it!!

4)  Stay tuned in the next week for an AWESOME contest for a FREE SESSION!!  I’m brainstorming the details, but I want to give back and have some fun shooting, so don’t go too far!

5)  I am “back” from maternity leave for shooting June 1st!  So, if you’d like to book your sessions, drop me an email at JenniferMauren@gmail.com and we’ll get a session booked!  I’m loving shooting my new baby, but am excited to get back out there and shoot some newborns, children, families, and seniors too!

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